Championship Thinking in Sports

Jim Meier

Championship Thinking in Sports – Paul Maineri’s Core Principles for Players and Coaches October

You’ve probably noticed I place tremendous emphasis on leadership skills and attributes. This is because in my 33+ years helping organizations excel, reach and exceed their goals. I’ve learned that team success is directly traceable back to coaches who can effectively lead. This shows guest, Paul Maineri, LSU head coach since ‘07, is deeply grounded in both understanding and implementing core principles of leadership. I learned this first hand in an interview with Paul during the CWS. With an all-ears approach, I learned great stuff about Paul’s: 1. Mentors 2. Service-coach philosophy 3. Emphasis on expectations for players and coaches 4. “Sponge” like learning mentality 5. Approach to managing success and failure. Paul’s has been a head coach 26 years-6 years each at St. Thomas, FL & the Air Force Academy & 12 years at Notre Dame prior to taking the helm at LSU. His overall winning percentage is .636. Paul has received numerous awards and assisted many players successfully to pro ball or other professional endeavors.