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Wellness For The Real World

Wellness For The Real World – SUGARBABE: HOW TO BE A “KEPT” WOMAN


Holly Hill is an attractive, successful professional from Australia who fell in love with a man who turned out to be married. He made her his mistress and covered her financial needs 100%. Then, when he told his wife of his intention to leave her and marry Holly, she replied, “If you do this, I will kill myself and our two children.” Overnight, Holly was alone and on the brink of bankruptcy. What to do? She placed an ad offering her good looks, wit, skilled conversation, excellent company, gourmet cooking, and sex and massage skills in exchange for “a generous monthly allowance” and received over 11,000 responses. What happened next is a funny, fascinating, provocative story that Holly, author of Sugarbabe, The Controversial Story of a Real Woman in Search of a Sugar Daddy, shares with Dr. Veronica.