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Preserving America

Preserving America – Stop Prop 23

If you think we have finished with the savagery of the oil companies, think again. Now that BP has finally stopped the carnage in the gulf, it is time to turn our attention to a collection of Texas oil companies who are trying to dispose of California’s landmark legisation for clean air and clean, renewable energy. And yes, this time it’s our own domestic polluters who are the villians, eager to keep fossil fuel poisons alive to avoid the costs of cleaning up their act. In this program, Dr. Porter talks with Steven Maviglio, the spokesperson for the California movement to stop Proposition 23, the ballot proposal which would return California into smog heaven and ruin the renewable energy industry. Mr. Maviglio is one of the nation’s most effective and experienced political press directors. Time for us Davids to go to battle against the Goliaths.