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Eat, Exercise, Live – Chronic pain

Chronic pain has become a disease of often debilitating proportions. Please join us with Dr. Angela Mailis Gagnon exclusively devoted to chronic pain diagnosis, management, education and research. Chronic pain can lead to loss of mobility, depression, sleep disturbances, anxiety & a vicious cycle of medications. Over the past 28 years of Dr. Mailis Gagnon’s career she has seen approximately 20,000 patients suffering from numerous chronic pain conditions, such as neuropathic pain disorders – post-stroke pain syndromes; pain after spinal cord traumas, multiple sclerosis, diabetic & hereditary neuropathies, neuropathies due to chemotherapy for cancer or other conditions & alcohol abuse. Other pain disorders include Musculoskeletal Pain Disorders such as Myofascial pain & osteoarthritis & Stress and Tension Related Syndromes We will also discuss tension headaches & other functional pain disorders. Dr. Mailis will share many ways of dealing with pain – medication is not the only option!