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Food is the First Medicine

Food is the First Medicine – Need Help for Healthy Kids (and grown-up) Lunches?

It’s back to School time; do you know what’s in your kid’s lunch box? If they don’t have a lunch box do you know what the lunch ladies are serving your kids? Ever wonder why so many kids are ADD and have behavior problems in school? Maybe, just maybe, the food they eat can directly affect their ability to learn and pay attention! This week, Dr Mary and Dr Kim will give you some great ideas on what to pack, and what to stay away from, and why school lunches should be avoided, unless of course, your kids go to school in Italy where organic school lunches are mandated by law!

Special guest: Hillary Peterson, CEO of Marie Veronique Organics,, discusses why skin care product labels need to be evaluated as much (if not more) than food products, even the so-called “natural” ones and even sun screen!