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Eat, Exercise, Live

Eat, Exercise, Live – Prenatal Fitness

Please join me with Lisa Holland as we discuss fitness for the expectant mom. Too many times, moms forget about their own health – too busy looking after everybody else. The Mom is the epicenter of the family. Without you, a family cannot function. Looking after yourself is looking after your family! Yoga means union. Be it body and mind, you with your divine self or one with nature it is all the same. Being Fit for birth means being able to give birth comfortably, and before that get pregnant by natural means. It is better if mental mood is positive, the physical body is not tight, the hormones are in check and the breath is full and under control. All of these things come naturally with a regular yoga practice. Being Fit for birth means you will likely be in mental, emotional and physical shape for pregnancy demands and therefore should have more of a chance of a less medical birth, fast recovery and successful post partum experience.