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Eat, Exercise, Live

Eat, Exercise, Live – Exercise Your Mind!

Exercise is just as important for our minds as for our bodies. Those of us who exercise regularly know the energy and endorphins we are charged with from regular, hard workouts. Professor Daniel Landers, Arizona State U, department of kinesiology will share with us his leading edge scientific research on the effects of exercise on selected mental health variables. Professor Landers will share with us how exercise influences relaxation/mood alteration, including anxiety and depression; the ability to cope with psychosocial stressors, quality and quantity of sleep, and cognitive functioning. What this all means for us? We all keep hearing how exercise is critical against many diseases, weight management & looking great. Let’s appreciate what exercise does for us psychologically & intellectually. Exercise really empowers us to soar physically, psychologically, emotionally & mentally. Professor Landers, will bring this all together for us! Not to be missed!