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Eat, Exercise, Live

Eat, Exercise, Live – Creating an Obesogenic society

Episode Description: We all know we have an obese society and a serious epidemic within our youth. Our children’s generation is the first generation since the civil war with a shorter life expectancy than the one before – thanks to childhood obesity and its complications & implications. Let’s create healthy traditions for our kids & stop the travesty. With the help of Dr. Glenn Berall, Chief of Pediatrics North York General Hospital, Toronto, Canada, we are going to delve into the real causes of the epidemic and what we are going to do to repair this desperate situation. We currently have an obesogenic society – an environment that promotes gaining weight and one that is not conducive to fitness & losing weight. Deconditioned parents do not set a good example for our youth. Our obesity epidemic has doubled over the last two decades, our children are leading sedentary lives – causing soaring medical dilemmas. Let’s figure out what we have to do to stop this spiraling epidemic.