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Your Quantum Computer Within

Your Quantum Computer Within – Completing Old Self Sabotaging Patterns

Holding onto old fear based emotions is what more than anything, not only tends to compel us into way too dysfunctional, constantly self sabotaging our best intentions, forms of behavior. But is also exactly what tends to keep us attracting more of the same old, same old, fundamentally unfulfilling ways of being – into our lives. Such that we thus far too often keep deflecting ourselves away from whatever it may be, we really most want. On the other hand developing self supportive means to finally face our fears fully head on, in more integrally healthy ways, that finally complete these old fear based patterns. Is exactly what makes it possible for us to move past old feelings that are actually no-longer present. In ways that enable us to both move on, as well as much more effectively move forward from within places inside of ourselves, that are more truly aligned with what we really want out of life.