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Eat, Exercise, Live

Eat, Exercise, Live – Father of the Glycemic Index

Dr. David Jenkins is THE Man to listen to. We all know the appalling stats on diabetes & cholesterol – and the devastating part is that so much is unnecessary. Controlling our insulin activity is the key to our health. He has served on committees in Canada and the United States that have formulated nutritional guidelines for the treatment of diabetes and recommendations for fibre and macronutrient intake for the general population under the new joint United States-Canada DRI system (RDAs). His research area is the use of diet in the prevention and treatment of hyperlipidemia and diabetes. His team was the first to define and explore the concept of the glycemic index of foods. His studies on combining cholesterol lowering food components have been recognized as creating an effective dietary alternative to drug therapy (statins) for many people and was the only dietary approach referenced in the 2004 Guidelines Update to the National Cholesterol Education Program. Please share!