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God's Transforming Stories

God’s Transforming Stories – Mom’s Cancer DIagnosis

Are your out of pocket medical costs skyrocketing? Have you recently heard the words, “You or a family member has cancer?” Join me as I talk with Leisa Smith as she shares how the medical expenses related to the cancer diagnosis of her mother and her own family finances were provided for by God while she took care of the physical needs of her mom during her health challenge. As a result of her experience with her mother, Leisa has a wealth of information to share with others who need information on where to turn to for help with medical costs. Leisa also shares how her faith walk with God matured into a deeper trust in Him for all of her needs, especially after her family received grants and other financial support from The Houston Area on Aging and American Cancer Society.

Tune in for more details and be inspired by how God came through for Leisa Wilkins-Smith as she shares how God transformed her story for His Glory!