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Your Quantum Computer Within

Your Quantum Computer Within – Taking Emotional Response-Ability

The moment we let ourselves be fear based and thus contractive / reactive in the face of having strong unwanted emotions, we tend to lose control over choosing how to best respond. Inasmuch as adrenalin driven emotions are known to be automatically defensive compulsive, by way of the very nature of how more our sympathetic, survival oriented emotional nature, has been designed / evolved to work. In other words the moment we let emotional fear and resistance rule us, we start to lose control over how we choose to behave in ways that are likely to result in even more problems. On the other hand the moment we agree to take response-ability to help ourselves and each other, face our own internally felt emotions fully, head on, by way of feeling completely through & out of the various layers of them. We shift into a more adult relaxed, open expansive way of being response-able, with the very energy at the very root of our emotions. Such that we thus make it possible to become much more solution constructive, exactly in relation to whomever we may be having strong undesire-able feelings toward. Is there anyone out there who wouldn’t love to learn how to be way more emotionally mature, in the ways one might now feel much freer enabled, to as constructively as possible, have choice with respect to how to best relate to others?