Championship Thinking in Sports

Jim Meier

Championship Thinking in Sports – From $21M a year CEO to Executive Advisor to proven DI Head Football Coach for $0.00

In ’08 Joe Moglia stepped down from his $21M per year job as CEO of TD Ameritrade* and work 70 hour weeks as Executive Advisor to Bo Pelini, head football coach for the U. Of Nebraska. For zero dollars-$0.00. Why? Joe has a deep passion for developing young men through football & a goal to return to the world of collegiate football-he coached 16 years-as a DI head coach. Joe provides insights to his role & responsibility as an executive advisor, what he believes are the required skills & traits to be a head football coach, how he serves Pelini specifically and the program & the pay value for a head coach to use external resources such as Joe & show host, Jim Meier. *Joe serves as TD Ameritrade Chairman of the Board.