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Eat, Exercise, Live

Eat, Exercise, Live – Body Sculpting with Exercise

We all know we should exercise for a number of reasons. Often people complain they are not getting the results they want with their exercise program. Our guest is Fabio Comana, M.A., M.S., exercise physiologist with The American Council on Exercise. Together with Fabio we will discuss a number of ways we can be maximizing the results of our workouts through nutrition and choosing the right exercise. Yes, any & all exercise will contribute to your mental & physical well being – however, for weight loss & weight management understanding the science of exercise – from a pro – will enable you to really reap the rewards of exercise. Not all cardios will yield the same results, effective resistance training is an art. Stretching, core training…..let us show you how to maximize your benefits, and really enjoy what you are doing so you integrate it into your lifestyle. Choosing the right exercise for your likes, goals & lifestyle is key to the success of your program.