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Your Quantum Computer Within

Your Quantum Computer Within – Choosing to Clear – All Self Doubt

Within the context of modern self empowerment technologies, we have come to increasingly understand the importance of setting great intentions or ful-fillment oriented goals in our lives. What has not been so clear is just how significant it becomes to clear ourselves of all self doubt and self loathing, in relation to such set intentions. Inasmuch as to the degree we find ourselves still holding given patterns of self doubt inside of us in relation to a give set intention. This is to the extent we will tend cancel out, or self sabotage the more full-on power of our original intention. The show then, sets the stage for both understanding the various inner biology based patterns of such self doubt, that we all tend to take on within us. As the means to the next show, which will teach how to totally dissolve all such patterns of self doubt & self loathing in order to thus help ourselves feel enabled to fly totally forward toward the actual realization of our greatest dreams. Yes, Yes?