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Your Quantum Computer Within

Your Quantum Computer Within – Developing an Equivalent Science of the Inner

In the context of strictly outwardly oriented investigation, We measure a host of so called independent variables in the world outside of ourselves, in order to convergently be able to focus correlate these variables toward the prediction of some single or perhaps even multiple variable, dependent outcome. That we are doing our best to attempt to control, via our ability to predict. Whereas in more inwardly oriented, in a very real sense actual – in-vestigation. The purpose is to dissolve or eliminate a host of inner isolated independent variables within ourselves, such as may be clouding or severely biasing our ability to experience some dependent event, or intentional area of interest, we are choosing to focus upon experiencing, much more clear – accurately. And then find ourselves wanting to improve upon, by way of helping ourselves being able to more divergently or creatively invent, some new wanted or desired, envisioned forward, way more independently oriented, outcome. In relation to whatever we have been choosing to observe, in the first place. In other words, inward in-vestigation is all about empowering ourselves to be enabled to independently invent a positively great life for ourselves.