Championship Thinking in Sports

Jim Meier

Championship Thinking in Sports – Crib Notes from an All-American and NFL Receiver

Guest Tinker Owens earned HS All-State honors, Sugar Bowl MVP as a freshman in ’72 and All-American honors in ’74-’75 as an Oklahoma Sooner wide receiver (’72-’75). He also played on two national championship teams and in the NFL from ’76-’81 for the New Orleans Saints. I asked Tinker to open up his “play book” of learning from those years. Topics from his ‘crib notes’ include: a) Comparing formations, the audible and role of the receiver…then and now, b) The peril in underestimating the small stature big spirit wide out c) ‘If only I could play college and pro football again’ d) Balancing brain and brawn on the gridiron e) What change I’d make to improve the game f) Defining football moments that opened my eyes g) Comparing the transition from HS to college and college to the pros.