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Reid L Rosenthal On the Right Side

Reid L Rosenthal On The Right Side – Stop Big Box Bad Land Use! You CAN do it!

It is happening everywhere–Land use that breaks people, communities, and town coffers. If it has not happened yet to your community–it will! Guaranteed. Downtowns decimated, businesses closed, congestion, traffic and layer upon layer of unneeded poorly planned Big Box retail development. That land use done poorly can affect your land, your values, and yes even your job. It will certainly deplete your wallet in the big picture. Think you can’t stop the alliance of politics, town fathers who won’t listen, and Big Box Big Money? Think again! A case study of a huge battle the good guys won. Tune in to listen to Reid Rosenthal talk to Jan Rosenthal Townsend about how she put together a coalition as diverse as developers, the Sierra Club and a carpenter’s union along with grass roots to stop a huge mistake, save a small community’s main street businesses, and forestall fiscal disaster for her little town of 6,000.