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Spiritual Renaissance

Spiritual Renaissance – An AMAZING interview with Mr. Universe! (Mike Dooley)

Mike Dooley! Of The Secret fame! On this edition of Spiritual Renaissance! Need I say more? Maybe I don’t NEED to say more, but I will say it anyway. The Universe “commands” you to join us to listen to this show because it will help you manifest change….very, very easily! Well, it is more of a “request” than a “command,” because the Universe never commands you; it only obeys YOUR commands. You simply cannot afford to miss this show because Mike will share with us the details of his latest best-seller, Manifesting Change: It Couldn’t Be Easier! He will also talk about the genesis of his world-famous Notes from the Universe! (Hint: YOU WILL HEAR INSIGHTS YOU MAY NOT HAVE HEARD ANYWHERE ELSE!)