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Reid L Rosenthal On the Right Side

Reid L Rosenthal On The Right Side – It Never Ends, No Matter Where

A former high ranking official of two presidential administrations tells us of land travesties in Maryland and Virginia.

So, you don’t believe it is happening in your neck of the woods? Or that you, your family, your wealth, and your land related rights are being undermined at every opportunity even by events you deem “far away”? Wrong! Over the last five shows we have heard little known, but critical tales of government intrusion on land, private property, and private property rights from Montana, Wyoming, Colorado, and Massachusetts. On this show we shall sit wide eyed as a similar scenario–again at our expense as taxpayers and to our ongoing detriment as land owners and Americans–is related to us by the Honorable Nancy Harvey Steorts, former Chairman of the U.S. Product Safety Commission and high ranking member of the Reagan and Bush Sr. White Houses. Nancy will share with us the damages being done to tens of thousands of Maryland and Virginia property owners with their own tax dollars under the guise of “mass transit”, “clean air” and “good land planning”. She will also share yet another example of grass roots organizing that stopped a misbegotten power grab campaign payoff land intrusion at the local level.

We will end the show with a call to action. The tax bill has been pushed through. The insidious 1.1 trillion earmark laden, pork filled spending bill has been shot down. But there lurks one more sinister bill that they have kept under the radar screen. A massive pre Christmas land grab by the Feds that will affect the economy, the price you pay for almost every item, and your rights. Listen in, and then call your representative immediately at 202 221 3124, and tell them vote NO on the Omnibus Land Bill. Have a happy and healthy Holiday season!