Championship Thinking in Sports

Jim Meier

Championship Thinking in Sports – Vision Takes Root for Kids: The Story of Signature Park

Kids, parents, coaches and communities are hungry for youth ball fields that carry forth the pureness of sandlot ball with modern teaching concepts and technology. This show addresses these four core question: How do you 1) realistically stretch the envelop to combine the best of the old & new at a single facility for youth, their parents and coaches, 2) develop and integrate physical, athletic, mental & spiritual skills, 3) teach all ages to become good stewards of the environment, and, 4) make it enjoyable and fun for all? Through stories, examples and clear concepts, guest Chris Palomba* head of Signature Park’s Board of Directors, tells us what they are doing in Atlanta, GA to make this happen. *Chris is a successful business entrepreneur, former baseball player and father of four. His courage, sense of purpose, foresight, vision and ability to lead others has put Signature Park on the map. He is a great voice in action. See the Week 1101 show-Let Great Voices Speak!