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A Lasting Love

Hadley Finch

A Lasting Love – Make A Quantum Leap To Greater Love and Success In A 12 Week Year

Find out how you can make a quantum leap to greater love and success in the next 12 weeks as you begin a 12-week year today. In business, December traditionally is the best month of the year because of the year-end push to fulfill annual goals.

What if annual goals were a barrier to high performance all year? What if a year were no longer 12 months but 12 weeks, and the excitement, energy and focus of the year-end push now happens continuously?

Now you can achieve more in the next 12 weeks than most will achieve in a year. You can celebrate your success and refresh your focus on new year’s goals every 12 weeks when you use the simple system that you’ll discover as Hadley Finch chats with Brian P. Moran–a corporate executive who’s created strategic breakthroughs for individuals and fortune 500 companies for 25 years. Brian designed the life-changing success system known as The 12-Week Year.