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Earth Guardian

Earth Guardian – Uprisings for the Earth

My guest is Osprey Orielle Lake, MA, author of Uprisings for the Earth –Reconnecting Culture with Nature published by White Cloud Press. Osprey is a bronze sculptor artist who has an awareness of the natural world around her. She knows the problems of climate change because she’s done the research. The difference with Osprey is that she’s offering pragmatic solutions for people who want to do something. She suggests you follow the water you drink to the source, establish “Eco-cities” according to the International Eco-city Standards, and harness the power of consumers. Osprey also suggests how individuals and cities can reconnect to Nature, and feel better for doing so. As Director of the Women’s Earth and Climate Caucus, Osprey sees women as active participants in addressing the problems of climate change. Osprey is also on the governing board of the Praxis Peace Institute.