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Planning with Dollars and Sense

Planning with Dollars and Sense – Divorce and the Marital Home: I Am Underwater, What Do I Do? Help!

The marital home is in many cases the family’s most valuable asset. Before the housing crisis, the home pursuant to a divorce was handled in one of three ways. Sell and split the equity, one spouse buys the other out, or keep the home for the minor children until they graduate. Now that the housing crisis is upon us, a fourth and fifth alternative have been created out of necessity; short sales and foreclosures. These alternatives have often resulted as one of the reasons couples are seeking divorce. Our discussion this week addresses the difference between short sales and foreclosures, the effect on your credit scores, choosing a realtor who specializes in these areas, protection of your retirement assets, and to beware of the scams. For more information contact the host, Jackie Thornhill or my guest, Rose Falocco.