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Reid L Rosenthal On the Right Side

Reid L Rosenthal On The Right Side – California! Trend Setter? Or Dire Warning?

California is a huge real estate market, underpinned by land of various uses, sizes and locations. This market has suffered perhaps more severely than any land market in the US with the exception of certain of North Atlantic states. It is also the epicenter of government intrusion in land use and rights. Its tax, spend, and subsidize policies will make your eyes cross. How has this overregulation and undermining of private property rights resulted in reduction of land values, competitive disadvantage for agriculture, limitations on our birthright as Americans and all of our wallets? Is this a trend coming your way? How do we protect against the disastrous effects government interference with land in the Golden State has on many aspects of our lives and land out our back door? Join Reid L. Rosenthal for a three way interview with California Broker Billy Long of Ranch Marketing Associates, and longtime North Californian land man and Broker Don Rickey.