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30 Minute Mom – Kindergarten Testing: To Prepare or Not to Prepare?

The most important test your child will ever take comes 13 years before the SAT. Around the country, life altering placement decisions are made every day by gifted programs and private schools based on the test results of a 4, 5, and 6-year-old. Public school children aren’t immune from this. Children starting public school are immediately tested and pegged into “slow,” “average,” or “advanced” ability groups. A child labeled “slow” in first grade has less than a 13% chance of catching up. Considering how these tests seal a child’s fate, what should parents do to prepare them? Join us as we talk to Dr. Kim Har, educational psychologist and director of early childhood education at, a premier provider of test preparation services in NYC. We’ll learn how a parent what parents can do to prepare a young child for testing and school success without stressing the child (and the rest of the family) out!