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30 Minute Mom – NurtureShock – New Thinking About Children – Meet co-author Ashley Merryman!

NurtureShock – New Thinking About Children is one of today’s hottest books on parenting, kids, and education. In it, our guest, Ashley Merryman and co-author Po Bronson use the latest science to debunk much of the conventional wisdom that is behind the way we raise and educate our kids. For example, we think praising our kids is good, but it turns out that telling kids they are smart causes them to under-perform. We think shows like Power Rangers are bad, so we steer our kids to shows like Arthur. It turns out that these “safe” shows actually cause more schoolyard cruelty an violent ones. What other flawed ideas are we relying on to raise our kids, and what might we be doing instead? Find out when we talk to Ashley Merryman on this week’s show!