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Planning with Dollars and Sense

Planning with Dollars and Sense – Women and Financial Planning: Without a Financial Plan, Women’s Long-Term Outlook is at Risk

The recession has helped push women to become more educated about their financial lives, more proactive about in making financial decisions and gain more confidence about their financial futures. But too few women have a financial plan in place. This lack of a plan can impact their financial futures over the long run. A 10th anniversary was conducted by Prudential Financial that showed that 95% of women are involved in the financial decision making with ¼ of women acting as primary decision makers in their households. Women are saving more and paying down debt, and gaining confidence about their finances, but just 1/3 or women have a financial plan in place. Our discussion today will help women with financial planning strategies and also direct them to resources where they can find financial advisors in their area. To locate certified financial professionals in your area go to CFP Board of Standards or The Financial Planning Association