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The Enlightened Entrepreneur


There has been a lot of questions and comments that have come to me concerning my views on engaging in an evolving career as an enlightened entrepreneur. In this show I take the time to answer as many questions as possible that were emailed to me from our audience. Sample questions include:

1. What is the NEW school of doing business?
2. What new businesses do you think will be hot and profitable in 2011?
3. How do you deal with dishonest people in business?
4. What is the best tool I’ve come across in becoming successful?
5. I have a long list of friends and associates who believe in me. How can I turn them into money clients after all the freebies I’ve given that proved to them my value?
6. What is the best training one can get when going into business?
7. What’s the best way to get started?
8. I get turned off by overly religious people in business who speak about “the way.” How do you deal with this issue?
9. What kind of funding options are out there besides VC’s, Angel Investment Firms, Loans, and grants?
10. How do you walk away from your work and leave it when your office/work is at home?

And more!

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There will also be a gift book going up soon called THE ENLIGHTENED ENTREPRENEUR. Look for it!