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30 Minute Mom

30 Minute Mom – Why Children Lie and What You Can Do About It

For the last twenty years, parents have rated “honesty” as the trait they most wanted in their children. Meanwhile, 98% of teens report lying to their parents. By age 4, most kids start lying to avoid punishment. Studies show that the typical 4-year-old lies once every two hours, while 6-year-olds lie once every hour and a half. By age 7, half of all kids have learned that lying works for them and they continue it through childhood. Join us as we talk to one of the world’s leading experts on children’s lying and truth-telling behavior – Dr. Victoria Talwar, professor at McGill University’s Department of Education. We’ll learn why kids lie, how we can (or can’t) tell if they are lying, and what is the best strategy for promoting truthfulness in our children.