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Be Your Own Super Hero

Be Your Own Super Hero – Wise Super Hero Tara Sophia Mohr

In today’s show of Be Your Own Super Hero we will focus on how people can move from them feeling like they need to be rescued to being their own Super Hero.

Listen to Tara as she shares tips of how wise living is a way of life. “It’s about living more intentionally in order to create a vital, peaceful, joyful life. It’s consciously cultivating love and compassion – because we can change our lives for the better through that cultivation. Wise living is also about becoming skillful in managing fears, limiting beliefs, and unhelpful behaviors, so that they don’t get in the way.

Tara also shares her own struggles with creativity, procrastination and fear and how she manages to stay positive.

Tara Sophia Mohr is a writer, coach, and personal growth teacher. She is a regular columnist for Huffington Post, and her writing has also been featured in USA Today, Forbes, Ode Magazine and numerous other publications. She received her MBA from Stanford University, where her studies focused on leadership and innovation. Today her work has a special focus in helping women unleash their leadership and their voices.

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