Championship Thinking in Sports

Jim Meier

Championship Thinking in Sports – Do You Know the Power of Questions and How to Ask Them?

Very successful people, coaches and players included, ask good questions. In fact, they ask better questions than others. Few people have truly been taught the art of asking powerful questions. The more useful and This show does that. Topics are: 1) the eight powers of questions, 2) Day to Day questions coaches should be asking, 3) example questions for specific situations plus reinforcing stories. Remember: Always the more beautiful answer to those asking the more beautiful question! Guest Paul Niggebrugge* and host Jim Meier are co-teachers in this fast moving content rich show. *Paul, a former player on the Temple Owls CWS team and with the Mets and Red Sox organizations, has coaches and instructed thousands of youth. He founded Be Your Best academy, has presented at national sports conventions, and is former AD and has coached HS sports 27 years.