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Eat, Exercise, Live

Eat, Exercise, Live – Cardio Vascular Disease – Our #1 Killer

Cardio Vascular Disease is a much more insidious killer than you know. It is our #1 killer in North America. 7.5 X as many women die of heart disease than breast cancer. Experts insist 80% of heart disease is preventable. Physical inactivity, smoking, horrid food choices have become the mainstay of our lifestyles. Over the last 10 years, heart disease has been growing steadily in women between the ages of 29-45. Most women do not know the signs & symptoms of heart disease & only 12% of women discuss heart disease with their doctors, and only half call for help at the onset of a heart attack. Please get educated – and help educate others about our #1 killer – by joining me with America’s favorite cardiologist, Dr. Holly Andersen – and pass this show on to all those you love.

Dr. Holly Andersen

We know scientifically that physical inactivity is killing us – we must get moving. We also do know that women have to be fashioned out happily – in our every activity. Anne Kelly of Junonia, a catalogue & online plus size women’s activewear provider, will be joining us to share their many ideas to pick the right clothing for comfort, wear & fashion sense.