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The Enlightened Entrepreneur


Most people truly associate success with the bottom line – How much is the company making? How much am I making?
This mindset has created a framework for doing business that is taking us to a new low in how we look and achieve success. Dr. Jerome Crichton brings a fresh awareness of what true success is that is rooted in psychology and spirituality. According to Dr. Crichton, businesses are getting very “slick” in their ability to get you in the door, get your money, and then slack when it comes to providing the services they discuss. I personally found this to be true in the vast majority of businesses that I have been introduced to.

How do we avoid these pitfalls?

Come and listen as we look at how to avoid these in general, we’ll look at an example using their ever-changing and evolving world of publishing.

This topic is near and dear to my heart and you can gather more depth in this subject on my podcast series listed below. As always, feel free to contact me or go to my website to receive free information and reports.