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Eat, Exercise, Live

Eat, Exercise, Live – Unexplained Symptoms? Check your Digestive Tract!

The digestive system still holds infinite mysteries with respect to our overall systemic health. Chances are if you are having medical problems that can’t be found – look to your digestive system. Your colon is truly a mirror to your lifestyle habits. Please join me with Dr. Carolyn Dean Naturopathic & Medical Doctor (check out the archives for previous shows) as we discuss IBS, Celiac, the abuse of antacids, nutritional health of your digestive system, ulcers, H Pylori, prebiotics & probiotics, of course how great exercise is & the old adage…. You are what you eat….you eat crap you feel like crap!
Jill Ross of Collage Video will also be with me discussing the numerous workout videos they have for all your exercise needs – no matter what level – more instructional through a major dance party. Exercise parties are the new coffee clutch…..get your yayas out dancercizing all the way to your fitness dreams!