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Social Media: Cheap and Easy

Conrad Hall

Social Media: Cheap and Easy – Privacy in Advertising, Social Media Profits and The PC is DEAD

The Wall Street Journal spent almost 2 years looking at online privacy. Now the Feds are looking at it, too. Facebook, Microsoft and Google are all staking their territory around online privacy, and some companies are making it possible for you to make a profit. That’s right – you can sell you own data. Because every business needs to make a profit – even social media. Twitter is looking at online ads for small businesses because they spend roughly the same amount as the big players each year. It’s a $25 Billion dollar market that Google expects to grow to over $100 million. And it’s all working to close the coffin on the personal computer. Motorola and Apple are making big strides in mobile computing. Right now – today – all you need is a smartphone and a tablet to do ALL your computing. See how it all adds together to equal profits for you – the business owner – if you’re smart and take action