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The Enlightened Entrepreneur


Many people feel that success only happens when you go to school, get a degree, and get connected through a stellar network. While education in some form is very valuable, education of the human within far outweighs any formal education from a university. Without making light of higher learning, the value of moving forward in life, accepting challenges, taking risks, following your passion is another form of success that personally I think is incredible. Alex Gese is an individual that fits this mold. His life has taken him through traditional academia but Alex followed his passion and continued to learn both in and out of the classroom.

Come and listen to a gifted young man as we talk about success as part of a healthy living process. Success is something that we continually evolve towards as we look to expand our limited views of what success truly is. Understanding that success is a journey that if done by way of the Enlightened Entrepreneur philosophy, you will always be engaged with adventure, excitement, growth, opportunity, and connecting to other people. Alex is one of these rare people who is living a lifestyle that I would define as living as an enlightened entrepreneur. Come and share the conversation as we laugh, share stories, and hopefully point you in the right direction for your life in becoming an enlightened entrepreneur.

Listen at the end and I’ll point you to not only a gift that you’ll enjoy, I’ll also share with you about a new book I wrote about transformation called TWICE IN A LIFETIME.