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30 Minute Mom – The Trouble with Boys – How to Help Your Son Thrive in School

Is your smart, capable son struggling in school? When he talks about school, is he bored, disengaged, or fearful? Or does he just seem to be falling out of love with learning? Many parents from all walks of life are noticing the same thing. They are wondering what has changed about our boys, their schools, or our culture that is making it hard for young boys to succeed. If you have a son and you care about his education and his future, you won’t want to miss today’s guest. Peg Tyre is a Pulitzer Prize winning reporter who wrote The Trouble With Boys: A Surprising Report Card on Our Sons, Their Problems at School and What Parents and Educators Must Do. Join us and learn why boys get expelled from preschool 5 times more than girls, why boys struggle with reading, why many boys are attracted to aggressive/violent play, what parents should do about it, and much more!