Championship Thinking in Sports

Jim Meier

Championship Thinking in Sports – There is Such a Thing as Baseball IQ: Do You Know What Yours Is?

Dummies do not excel in baseball. Period! The game simply demands a wealth of knowledge and a plenty of mental smarts. Guest Dr. Dirk Baker*, Head Baseball Coach, Worcester State College, teams up with host, Jim Meier, to test your baseball IQ. Using the baseball IQ test developed by Dirk and Jim’s mental game of baseball workbook, plan to be tested and challenged. What’s the payoff? You will a) learn, relearn and unlearn about the game and yourself, b) be more motivated to notch up your performance and, c) strengthen your ability to be calmer and more confident when your comfort zone is being stretched. *Dirk, among the most successful D III coaches with over 300 wins, is a pure student of baseball, people and integrating the two. Few people, including coaches, have done the depth and breadth of research and study he has. (See his article in Collegiate Baseball Volume 3 No. 54)