Health and Wellness

Healing From Within

Sheryl Glick


In today’s episode Sheryl Glick Host of “Healing From Within” and author of ”Life Is No Coincidence,” and her Special Guest Betsy Thompson author of” Walking Through Illusion” will share a discussion focusing on their continued interest in understanding the universal laws of spiritual energy for personal self development and health. “Walking Through Illusion” offers an emotional and human perspective on Jesus and people who may have known him in life. Their human interactions helped them ultimately to learn more about the dual nature of their physical and energetic essence. Also by exploring the universal law of action and reaction, or cause and effect we may have a clearer vision of human behavior at that time and how it affects us in similar ways even today. An understanding of the energetic rules of the universe is indeed an important tool for refining our own thought processes, actions, and behavior in an effort to create and manifest a successful life experience. The Mirror Theory for realizing why certain events happen to us and often repeat themselves, lead us to eventually accept responsibility for our behavior. The Mirror Theory is a prominent feature in “Walking Through Illusion.”