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Planning with Dollars and Sense

Planning with Dollars and Sense – Social Security Disability:Do I Really Need an Attorney to Qualify? Probably!

Social Security Disability benefits are available to anyone who meets the minimum eligibility requirements. Working and paid into the system through Social Security payroll taxes. So why is it so difficult to have your claim approved? Disability benefits have the most stringent definition of disability, permanent or terminable. Are you saying I have to be dying to qualify? No, not in every case, but the first time you file a claim, you are likely to be turned down. The statistics are, roughly 25% of claimants are approved usually with the help of an attorney. Join my discussion with Attorney and Social Security advocate, Marianne Lanuti as she outlines the 5 step process to file a claim. For more information go to, the Social Security website and contact your local Bar Association for Attorney’s who specialize in Social Security representation. If you live in the state of Nevada, you can email Marianne Lanuti.