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Ripley Radio – Frozen Dead Guys & a Sideshow Talker

Author Gail Rubin’s slightly irreverent but quite practical look at death and funerals led her to be a part of this year’s Frozen Dead Guy Festival where she unveiled her new game, the Newly Dead Game. She talks with us about how to plan for your own funeral in a fun way. Ripley’s favorite witch, Judika Illes talks about the recent edict from the Catholic Church about witches; Intern Kyle examines the Doomsday Seed Bank in Norway; and Tim visits with sideshow legend Ward Hall who talks about the importance of the sideshow talker, or the Bally, in any midway show. We find out what happened to the 100,000 t-shirts that were printed listing the wrong Super Bowl Champion (sorry Pittsburgh), and we learn about the extensive collection of Ripley’s Believe It or Not! death oriented exhibits, including Fantasy Coffins, the gallows from Chicago’s Cook County Jail, and the gas chamber chair from San Quentin Prison. We are also told that Robert Ripley’s last word spoken was AMEN, just before he collapsed on live television during a show on funeral customs. He died two days later.