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Achieving Your Dreams in a Crazy World

Murray W. Nabors Ph.D.

Achieving Your Dreams in a Crazy World – Staying Physically Fit for Good Health and a Long Life

Many people stay awake at night worrying about losing weight, staying healthy, or, indeed, getting well. How to use exercise effectively is an issue for many if not most of us in today’s fast food, sit-on-the-couch society. Most of us aren’t very successful at making it work so we can achieve our goals in terms of health, weight, and feeling good. My guest is Dr. Steve Estes, Retired Dean of Professional Studies and Professor of Health, P.E. and Recreation at Missouri Western State University. We’ll get the take of a successful athlete and exercise guy on the best way to stay fit, lose weight, and have fun in the process. Check out The Magical Dozen for help in achieving your physical goals and making your intentions about yourself become reality.