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Live To 100

Dr. Thienna Ho

Live To 100 – Uncover the Shocking Truth About Fats and Cholesterol! (PART II)

Discover startling animal research linked to the U.S. obesity epidemic and learn the astounding research conclusion on fat, cholesterol, and heart disease from Stanford University in this must listen to episode, Live to 100 with host Dr. Thienna and guest Dr. Bruce Fife. Dr. Bruce Fife is recognized globally as the foremost authority on the health and nutritive powers of the coconut. He is a certified nutritionist and naturopathic doctor. He is currently the director of the Southern Colorado Chapter of the Weston A. Price Foundation and the president of the Coconut Research Center. Dr. Bruce Fife has authored over 20 books, including Eat Fat, Look Thin, The Detox Book, The Coconut Oil Miracle, and much more! Get invaluable tips on the healthiest fat to eat and the real secret to losing weight naturally.