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Ripley Radio: An On-Demand Oddcast


Ripley Radio – Talking Animals & a Pyramid on Pike’s Peak

“Bats Sing, Mice Giggle” is the name of the new book by Dr. Karen Shanor, a researcher who reveals some amazing and surprising facts about the way animals communicate. UFO Phil, perhaps one of the most unusual and fun guests ever on Ripley Radio unveils his plan to build a huge pyramid on the top of Pike’s Peak in Colorado so the aliens will have a place to land. He also sings for us and very secretively lists ways for us to tell the good aliens from the bad. Intern Abby provides a tale of a dog being elected as the mayor of a small Kentucky town; we hear about parrots that are trained to prevent crime; and we learn that Ripley’s has an amazing collection of weird, strange (and stuffed) animals in its vast archives.