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Eat, Exercise, Live

Eat, Exercise, Live – Please! We Need Dads Help!

The statistics are startling how many horrid crises happen within fatherless homes. Fact is, Dads we need you to step up to the plate. Please join me with Aaron Hass Ph.D author of The Gift Of Fatherhood: How Men’s Lives are Transformed by Their Children. The relationship between fathers & their children is critical for both to thrive. Listen to Dr. Hass as we discuss effective role modeling for our kids, how being a great Dad is the best way to electrify sex with Mom, how they learn a sense of responsibility & how they make decisions – all critical elements to children learning to make healthy, responsible decisions about their health. We really need dads to help us our with our numerous children’s health epidemics.
We will also be welcoming Hair Club as an official sponsor of Eat Exercise Live. Learn all the great ways Hair Club gives back to our communities and people in need. Hair Club for Kids, a non-profit program funded entirely by Hair Club, offers free hair restoration for children ages 6-17 who suffer from diseases where the illness or treatment caused hair loss.