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30 Minute Mom

30 Minute Mom – How to Empower Your Children For Safety

Did you know that 90% of child molestation is done by someone the children knows? We must teach our kids how to be the boss of their own bodies, how to say “no” to an adult who wants them to do something inappropriate, and how to react to an uncomfortable advance. Did you know that the chances of a child being snatched by a stranger are much smaller than the possibility of a child being lured away by a nice-looking, friendly adult who says something enticing? We must stop teaching kids the “don’t talk to strangers” concept and focus on teaching them how to identify a “tricky” person – that it’s not what people looks like, but what they say or want kids to do that makes them unsafe. Join us as we speak to Pattie Fitzgerald, from Safely Ever After. Pattie says, “an informed, confident child is much less vulnerable to a predator’s tricks than a child who hasn’t been taught any preventive skills.” Learn how to teach safety skills to your child in empowering and non-fearful ways.