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Eat, Exercise, Live

Eat, Exercise, Live – Resistance Training- Your One Cure-All Prescription

Please join us with Dr. Ron Sigal resistance training researcher and was lead author of the Guidelines on Physical Activity/Exercise for the Canadian & American Diabetes Associations. Dr. Sigal will share his research on prevention & control of diabetes & other chronic illnesses. Diabetes is the leading cause of many other life threatening conditions including blindness & non accident related amputations. Exercise including resistance training has been proven to have medicinal powers over glycemic control, insulin sensitivity, lipid level & body composition – and even stronger effects on mental health, self esteem & bragging rights. Exercise is considered to be the most all encompassing medicine, with no adverse side effects….except a huge ego. Tom Manella of
Life Time Fitness is joining us to share their beautiful clubs to do all that exercise & seriously pamper ourselves. And of course Chris Terkalas of Hair Club - my wonderful sponsor- will help us be proactive with hair loss. Let us pump you up – inside & out -to give you that inner strength of self confidence!