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A Lasting Love

Hadley Finch

A Lasting Love – Be The Star In Your Own Love Story And Write A Happy Ending

Today, you will stop casting yourself as a mild-mannered bit player in your own love story and become the superstar you truly are meant to be. Why do you need to free your inner super hero? Does everyone but you seem to leap tall obstacles in a single bound and achieve health, wealth, happiness and love faster than a speeding bullet? Could you be more powerful than a locomotive and soar to new heights in life and love–if only you’d stop being trapped by a tough economy, a dull job, a sad past or challenging relationships?

Get ready to transform your bit player into the star of your life story and love story–as you discover how to mentally produce, direct, star and write your own happy ending–with guidance from Hadley Finch and Murray Nabors PhD. Dr. Nabors is a University dean and biology professor who reveals a dozen magical ways to star in your life story and live your dreams now in his book, The Magical Dozen: How To Control our Destiny and Create the Life You Want in Good Times and Bad.