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Achieving Your Dreams in a Crazy World

Murray W. Nabors Ph.D.

Achieving Your Dreams in a Crazy World – Reinvent Yourself on Our Spring Break Road Trip

We’re going on a spring break road trip from Saint Joseph and Kansas City, Missouri, where the Oregon and California trails began in the 1840’s, to Durango, Colorado, Ski Resort and Outdoor Mecca in the Four Corners region. On the way, we’ll pass through Dodge City, Kansas; Walsh, Colorado and cross the Rocky Mountains on Wolf Creek Pass. As the environment changes on a trip, we have the opportunity to change as well. Take the road trip with us and use the opportunity to lose problems and seize opportunities. For more information check out The Magical Dozen, a book about How to Control Your Destiny and Create the Life You Want–In Good Times and Bad. Also see my three novels about the Oregon Trail including Stepping Off the End of the World, Landing With Both Feet on the Ground, and Crazy Quilt Warp in the Fabric of Time.